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RINEO is a certified company, specializing in the production of all types of LED DISPLAY screens (xll video walls) and illuminated advertisements. We are the company with the most assembled and mounted LED display screens in Croatia!We are the only company in Croatia that independently assembles displays and has its own R&D service, so with us you can choose every detail of installed equipment, choose detailed specification, size, resolution, refresh rate, etc. We guarantee short delivery times, system stability, fast service interventions and regular quality system maintenance.We employ 35 professional employees, and we have our own locksmith workshop for the production of structures, CNC machine park for the production of cabinets and linings, trucks and cranes for assembly, and our electricians and IT specialists are available for you from 0-24h.
RINEO DIGITAL • Largest LED DISPLAY in Europe / Najveći LED ekran u Europskoj uniji
Published at 2022, February 07
Largest LED Display in EUROPE! / Najveći LED ekran u Europskoj uniji! / EUROPAS Größter LED-Displ
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